The Ultimate Guide to Free Things To Do in Las Vegas


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Let’s face it. You can’t gamble every minute of the day and night when you’re in Las Vegas. Of course, there are plenty of shows you can see. Of course, there are usually a limited number of them you can because like most people, you come to Las Vegas on a budget. But this is one of the purposes of this book: to help people fill in some of their time in Vegas with many of the free things you can do.

Of course, there are many people who don’t like to gamble at all. But without gambling, you can spend a lot of time enjoying yourself with many of the attractions here. If you come to Las Vegas with a lot of money, you can do many fascinating things. Some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. But again, most people are on a budget, so even if you don’t plan on gambling, the many free things to do that are listed in this book will stretch out your money.

Or maybe you’re coming to Las Vegas with friends, and you don’t have much money to spend. You have enough money to eat and sleep, but after this, your bankroll is kind of thin. This book will show you all of the free things you can do in Las Vegas, and the most money you’ll need to spend is $8 for a 24 hour bus pass. Not only are these attractions free, but they can be easily accessed by those arriving in Las Vegas without any transportation.
Las Vegas does not go out of their way to advertise all of the things you can do for free, because they want you to spend lots of money. Naturally, they want you to gamble, this is their top source of revenue. But they also want you to spend money on shows and restaurants. In years past, this was more of a way to get people to come to Vegas and gamble, but today it is a part of their revenue. And they’re trying to expand their sources of revenue wherever they can. Hotels are even charging people for parking now. But if you know what there is to do for free, you can see Las Vegas on a budget.

This book is the ultimate guide to experiencing everything that Las Vegas has to offer that will cost you nothing. Not only will you learn about the free attractions on the Strip, but there is an entire section dedicated to free things you can see and do in Downtown Las Vegas. There is even a third section devoted to some of the interesting things to do for free that are both off the Strip and away from Downtown Las Vegas.

So before you take your next trip to Las Vegas, explore the pages within this book, and think about seeing some of the free things described within the covers. It will help your budget, and you will enjoy your trip to Las Vegas much more once you see the many options available to you. Of course, if you are already in Las Vegas and find your funds drying up, you can purchase this book electronically and read it with a Kindle or other electronic device while you’re in Las Vegas, so you will be able to find something to do for free.

Most attractions described in the book have photos along with directions of how to get there and comments I make about each attraction.


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