PROSPEK Reading Computer Glasses




  • MAGNIFICATION – These glasses are +0.50 magnification Your computer reader magnification/power depends on how far you are from the screen you are viewing. For a laptop or desktop (19+ inches away) select a magnification HALF your normal reading power. For a smartphone, tablet or a book about select your normal reading power. If you would like a different magnification please select it on the right.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – Our advanced manufacturing process allows our blue light glasses to block more blue light without getting that harsh yellow found in other glasses for computer eye strain.
  • FEEL GREAT RIGHT AWAY INSTANTLY – Get rid of tired eyes, eye strain, headaches and migraines as well as protecting your eyes from long term damage. With our computer glasses you notice a difference within the first hour.
  • NO HARSH YELLOW TINT – Unlike other blue blocker glasses, our bluelight glasses reduce the yellow tint. Our glasses block the most harmful blue light making sure you are protected!
  • IMPROVED VIEWING EXPERIENCE OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We’re so confident that you will love your glasses we offer your money back if you don’t Contact us within 90 days for a return for any reason! Don’t take a chance with someone another pair of glasses bet on the sure thing. COMES IN A GIFT PACKAGING.


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