Gambling Legends: True Stories and Amazing Facts


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The crazy gynecologist was running through the casino, yelling and screaming and waving a Samurai sword. He was naked to the waist, and chased by security guards. Meanwhile at the Frontier, an East Indian Fakir – it sounds like a dirty word but it’s not – was trying to teach his Cobra snake to pull the handle of the slot machine. Just another day in my town – Las Vegas. In this book, I tell you a lot of these stories. Also profiles of many of the world’s greatest gamblers, and their true stories. I’ll tell you about the $100 Man, about Mr. Briefcase, and about the Birthday Bets – among many others. Plus truly Amazing Facts! Did you know that it’s illegal in Las Vegas to Pawn your dentures? Well, I sure hope the guys from Pawn Stars know that! Who knows – someone may want to come in and pawn their teeth! Now that’s different from just losing your shirt!


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