Coopers Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses – for Boys and Girls Ages 3-12




  • WHAT YOUR CHILDREN NEEDS: When they are spending hours in front of a screen whether it’s gaming, homework, reading or watching a show. Being directly exposed to blue light can do a lot of harm to their eyes and will tire them more than you realize. The solution to the problem is simple: the premium Coopers blue light blocker glasses for boys and girls!
  • EYE PROTECTION: Why is it vital to wear Coopers blue light lens glasses for computer? Because they can alleviate your children’s eye strain caused by a long period of viewing any sort of screen. From extensive gaming sessions to reading, homework or simply working under fluorescent lights, any activity is now easier for your children’s eyes.
  • EXTENDED BENEFITS: By wearing the eyeglasses for computer screens, you can not only protect your sight but also considerably reduce headaches and migraines caused by fatigue. The transparent lens can effectively prevent UV glare, ensuring top UV 400 protection against the sun and powerful screens.
  • AGES 3-12: When it comes to eye protection, all children should start wearing a pair of anti-blue light screen glasses. Coopers computer gamer lenses have a cool, pink or blue design that suits boys and girls.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We are sure that wearing our UV protection and filter glasses will make a real difference in children’s life. Because you are our number 1 priority, we are offering premium customer support and a 90-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free purchase.


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