Blue Light Blocking Glasses




  • Wood frame
  • Composite lens
  • non polarized
  • Lens width: (SMALL) 51 millimeters
  • SUPERIOR BLUE LIGHT BLOCKERS – Our eyes are not designed to filter or block blue light. These blue light block glasses reduce 97% of light that is emitted from electronic screens like laptops, TVs, cellphones, light bulbs and much more!
  • GLASSES MADE FROM REAL WOOD – Many of the blue light glasses on the market are functional but not trendy. The bamboo arms on these computer glasses are ultra-comfortable and super stylish. You’ll love wearing these glasses when out and about.
  • DRASTICALLY IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP – Blue light suppresses melatonin which will directly affect the quality of your sleep. By reducing your exposure to artificial blue light throughout the day, you’re helping to optimize your sleep.


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