Back Home Years Ago: The Real CASINO


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This documentary now available on DVD about the real Chicago gangsters involved with the Casinos in Las Vegas plays as a primer for Martin Scorsese’s film Casino. The focus is on real life counterparts to the Nicholas Pileggi book “Casino,” and film. “The Real Casino” gives you insights to the film’s main characters such as Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal (the Robert DeNiro character), Tony Spilotro (the Joe Pesci character), Alan Dorfman (the Alan King Character), and several of their pals and relatives who were privy to the way Chicago’s “Outfit” operated and gained favor in Las Vegas. The film first aired on John Pierson’s Split Screen on IFC as well as Bravo and PBS. This DVD contains deleted scenes, making of featurette, IFC version, and 14 min. TF version.



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